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$327 Million in Assets Under Management 

Investment Strategy

GARDA's objective is to provide sustainable and growing distributable income derived from investment in commercial and industrial real estate (non-retail) across the east coast of Australia.

GARDA's investment and growth strategy is intended to be achieved through:

  • investing in commercial offices located both in city and suburban office markets as well as industrial facilities along the Australian eastern seaboard;
  • investing in assets comprising a balance of:
    • newer assets demonstrating stable long term cash flows; and
    • a proportion of higher yielding and active management assets where the Responsible Entity is able to use its demonstrated skills in improving both the income profile and capital value of those assets;
    • investing in a Portfolio diversified by building type, location and tenant;
    • investing in Properties with strong tenant quality and structured rental growth;
    • maintaining a conservative capital structure;
    • providing Investors with the potential for capital growth over time; and
    • accessing the GARDA Capital Group’s expertise and experience in asset and capital management.

GARDA is a member of the Property Funds Association.  Please select the following link which will provide you with information describing a direct property investment published this industry body.

Property Funds Association Website

Discipline with strict adherence to:

  • our investment processes;
  • governance processes;
  • execution of asset plans; and
  • a constant focus on the final exit.

Planning is the foundation to any investment. Every stage is methodically planned, documented and constantly reviewed from:

  • due diligence;
  • acquisition;
  • asset management;and
  • final divestment.


  • Regular and transparent communication with investors is a key priority

Demonstrated Expertise – Our directors and staff have many decades of hands on experience in all facets of property funds management and direct property investment including:

  • Fund establishment, structuring, capital raising and investor relations;
  • Asset identification and due diligence;
  • Asset planning and financial management;
  • Asset Management, leasing, refurbishment and substantial capital expenditure programs;
  • Asset divestment;
  • Financial Management; and
  • Property Finance


Before planning comes research.  Research provides the foundations to the creation of strategies, establishment of any fund or acquisition of any asset.

Asset Selection

GARDA Capital Group is the responsible entity for the GARDA Diversified Property Fund (GDF). GDF provides sustainable and growing distributable income derived from investments in commercial offices in city and suburban markets as well as industrial facilities along the eastern seaboard of Australia. GDF is actively increasing diversification across its property portfolio by:

  • Increasing weighting to the industrial sector. 
  • Increasing geographic range. 

GDF seeks asset opportunities in lower incentivised markets. Specifically GDF is seeking: 

  • Industrial assets in Brisbane and Melbourne.
  • Commercial office assets in Canberra and Melbourne.
  • Individual asset values of $20 million - $50 million.  

Due Diligence

We endeavour to identify, measure and determine how to mitigate the various risks and take advantage of all opportunities associated with any asset acquisition.  Professionals are engaged in their respective fields as appropriate including legal, tax, accounting, real estate valuation, insurance, environmental and relevant technical matters.


As a result of the rigorous due diligence process individual asset plans and strategies are generated.  These include operational, leasing, efficiency, capital expenditure and repositioning matters all culminating into a financial plan to which the performance of the investment will be measured.


The disciplined execution of the asset plans is paramount.  This must be balanced with the ability to continue to monitor the environment and adapt to both take advantages of opportunities presented and mitigate risks.  This execution is what ensures the financial performance of the asset – the receipt and growth of cash flows and the enhancement to capital value.


Prior to acquisition, a defined exit strategy must be identified.  Review of the performance of assets is constantly carried out always with a focus on the eventual exit.

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