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$363 Million in Assets Under Management 

GARDA Capital is an integrated property funds management and real estate company managing approximately $330 million of Australian commercial real estate through the ASX listed GARDA Diversified Property Fund (ASX code:  GDF).  GARDA Capital Limited holds Australian financial service licence No 246714 authorising it to act as the responsible entity for managed investment schemes.

GARDA seeks to establish funds that provide a regular and relatively high income yield, capital stability and future capital appreciation opportunities.  Portfolio development is achieved through the selecting of commercial properties that have been rigorously reviewed form the basis of these direct property investment funds established to maximize investor returns within defined risk parameters.  GARDA enjoys through its Board and Management an extensive network within the real estate industry ensuring a constant flow of investment opportunities and portfolio improvement.

GARDA operates an internalised asset and property management model through its wholly owned subsidiary real estate agency which provides a competitive operational point of difference to other managers. This structure ensures GARDA always maintains an unobstructed view and exposure to the Funds real estate assets and tenants.  This enables GARDA to have a more hands on and dynamic asset management capability, as well as the often required agility to act swiftly within the tenant retention and leasing environments.  The ability to operate in such a manner contributes to generating improved property income and capital value which ultimately results in a maximization of investors returns.

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