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$363 Million in Assets Under Management 

GARDA Capital Group is an ASX-listed (ASX: GCM) real estate investment and funds management group. The Group invests in real estate through both equity and debt. GARDA Capital Group is a stapled structure comprising GARDA Capital Limited and GARDA Capital Trust.

GARDA Capital Limited (AFSL 246714) is the parent entity of the GARDA Capital Group and is also the responsible entity of the ASX-listed property fund, GARDA Diversified Property Fund (ASX: GDF), which owns sixteen property assets, of which three are under construction, totalling $363 million.

A Group subsidiary, GARDA Funds Management Limited (AFSL 398764), is the responsible entity of GARDA Capital Trust which is a registered managed investment scheme and is the primary investment vehicle for the GARDA Capital Group.

GARDA Capital Trust currently holds a substantial investment of 21.9 million units in the GARDA Diversified Property Fund (13.8%).

The Board and management of the GARDA Capital Group have extensive experience in real estate and funds management.

Garda Capital Group

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